Which forms do I select?

Have you been told by HMRC which forms you need to fill in?
Trying to figure out all those SA100 numbers? Here’s your guide

Which forms can CalCal Send?

CalCal will pre-fill the following forms with the information you give:

  • SA100 – Main Self-Assessment
  • SA101 – Additional Information
  • SA103S or SA103F – Self-Employment: Your year’s takings and expenses by category, capital allowances, balance sheet. Depending on your turnover, the short or full schedule will automatically be added.
  • SA105 – UK property income (if you sign up as a landlord)
  • SA110 – Tax calculation is done for you before you submit

In addition, you can optionally add any of the following forms for submission through CalCal:

Which form is which?

HMRC has a list of SA100 forms here and we’ve made a table to help you…

SA100 The whole form (steps 1-5)
Additional Information schedules
SA102 EMP Employment
SA103S SSE Self-employment (short, if below VAT threshold)
SA103F FSE Self-employment (longer, if above VAT threshold)
SA104 Not supported Partnerships
SA105 PRO UK Property Income
SA106 FOR Foreign Income or Gains
SA107 TRU Trusts
SA108 Not supported Capital Gains
SA109 NRD Non-residents / domiciles
SA110 CAL Your calculation (step 4)

How to select your forms

Step 2 on the self-assessment entry lets you switch these forms on and off…

For some of these forms, like employment shown here, you can add up to 6 of the same form. You may have a couple of employers, or be a director or more than one company, for example.

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